Software-Defined Perimeter

With increasing numbers of mobile workers and an onslaught of IoT devices, enterprises face numerous challenges making networks flexible, reliable, and secure. Traditional VPNs are often fragile and inflexible, requiring complex configuration and extended time to deploy – not ideal for the Elastic Edge. NetCloud Perimeter is a new way to rapidly and securely connect people and things, regardless of location, to ensure access to applications and resources.


With NetCloud Perimeter, you can:

  • Micro-segment users, devices, groups, applications, and resources with simple policies
  • Offer LAN-like performance to remote users on virtually any device
  • Invitation-only (identity-based) security perimeter network for M2M/IoT devices

And you can do all of that in a matter of minutes, without detailed command lines or complex configurations.


Cradlepoint SD-P diagram



NetCloud Perimeter makes it easy to quickly connect people and things to applications and resources. With Active Directory integration, you can extend your LAN to remote users without any changes. Its private address space means it’s invisible to potential hackers. And the natural policy management interface makes it easy to micro-segment users, applications, and devices to access only appropriate resources.

Invitation Only Network

NetCloud Perimeter uses invitations to add users, ensuring only pre-authorized users are added to the network. This adds an additional layer of security and removes a layer of complexity that traditional networks require. And, all transactions are fully encrypted using the AES 256-bit standard encryption algorithm.

Cradlepoint invitation only network diagram


Private Address Space

You can’t hack what you can’t see. All NetCloud Perimeter IP addresses are private and cloaked. This “black cloud” security renders NetCloud Perimeter invisible to hackers.

Cradlepoint Private Address Space diagram


Always-on Connectivity

Finicky traditional VPNs often require multiple logins which are problematic and frustrating for network users. NetCloud Perimeter maintains an “always-on” connection: once an invitation is accepted, there is no need for the user to re-login or authenticate, making the WAN as easy and secure as the office LAN.

Cradlepoint 'always on' diagram


Wide Array of Device Support

You can connect a myriad of device types including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and even Docker containers. For unsupported devices, such as IoT sensors or security cameras, simply connect the device into the perimeter network behind a Cradlepoint router acting as a NetCloud Gateway. This adds a layer of security to your deployment, reducing the attack surface as you integrate IoT devices into your enterprise network.

Cradlepoint device icons


NetCloud Platform

NetCloud consists of integrated components to enable seamless connectivity, security, management, and extensibility.

  • NetCloud Manager provides a single pane of glass so you can configure, monitor and manage your connected resources from anywhere.
  • NetCloud OS is our hardened router software enabling primary/failover routing and WAN traffic control as well as edge services such as firewall, IDS/IPS, and security
  • NetCloud Perimeter is a software-defined, identity-based security perimeter to connect M2M and IoT devices to your network
  • Built-for-purpose routers for branch, mobile, and IoT requirements
  • Extensibility (SDK & APIs) enable you to integrate and leverage Cradlepoint technologies for your own needs such as in-vehicle telemetry


"Cradlepoint's NetCloud Perimeter offers agile enterprises a way to quickly and securely connect people and things. From IT shops looking to gain insights and revenue from IoT devices connected to their networks, to virtual companies that don't have a traditional HQ, NetCloud Perimeter offers compelling value."

451 Research