Pathway to 5G


For organizations all over the world, 5G represents the promise of a wireless WAN future defined by the ability to provide 24x7 connectivity for people, places, and things everywhere.

Using cellular-based broadband as wireless WAN has been an essential part of enterprise networking for years. As 4G LTE transforms into Gigabit-Class LTE and eventually both fixed and mobile 5G, wireless is poised to change the world with exceptional new levels of reliability, performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Businesses and agencies will use 5G to connect devices and applications that expand customer engagement, streamline operations, and enable agility in ways that have never been possible — until now.

The Pathway to 5G is built upon familiar technologies such as 4G LTE and new arrivals such as Gigabit-Class LTE and Private LTE. As this evolution unfolds, enterprises will rely on cohesion between the wireless network and the edge — part of Cradlepoint’s Elastic Edge™ vision. Explore more about the state of wireless and the future of networking on these Pathway to 5G pages:

Technologies on the Pathway to 5G


The Pathway to 5G Workshop

The Pathway to 5G Workshop

The Pathway to 5G Workshop

Cradlepoint is offering a personalized half-day, in-person consulting workshop that is designed to help CIOs and senior IT leaders take advantage of emerging Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G services within their next-generation WAN strategies. This workshop will educate leaders on the underlying wireless spectrum and technologies that provide the foundation for these new services, as well as the published rolled-out plans for major carriers—including upcoming 5G market launches.




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