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Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Mobile makes it easy to manage your NetCloud Service, routers, and other Cradlepoint endpoints from a phone or tablet. Receive alerts, view router status and LTE signal strength, initiate tests, and even force a reboot conveniently from any location. The power of cloud management from Cradlepoint is now available on your phone or tablet.

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Download NetCloud Client


Expand your Cradlepoint cloud network by installing the NetCloud Client on your devices. The NetCloud Client is available for the device types below.




Supported Devices   |   Release Notes


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NetCloud Gateway for Cradlepoint Routers


To install NetCloud Gateway on compatible Cradlepoint routers, start by logging into your NetCloud account. Click Devices, select a router, and choose "Create NetCloud Gateway" from the Commands menu.


Compatible Routers:

AER Series:

  • AER16x0
  • AER2200
  • AER2100
  • AER31x0

COR Series:

  • IBR200
  • IBR350
  • IBR6x0B
  • IBR9x0
  • IBR11x0
  • IBR1700

ARC Series:

  • CBA850



NetCloud Client for Windows Installation


To install the NetCloud Client for Windows, choose the 32 or 64-bit option below. View supported devices for a complete list of supported Windows OS versions.




Supported devices  |  Release notes


MSI Installation Options:



NetCloud Client for Linux Installation

The NetCloud Client supports several distributions of Linux. To see the complete list, check out our supported devices.

Ubuntu: Server 12.04 / Debian 8



CentOS 6.5





Install via command line:


How to Install NetCloud Client using Linux



For deployment automation, we have provided sample source code for Puppet and Chef in GitHub.


Puppet Scripts

Chef Scripts


If you experience any issues, please visit our support site and submit a request.


How to read the NetCloud Client log files