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Branch networks are undergoing dramatic change. Cloud applications and IoT devices demand direct Internet access while voice and video traffic is on the rise, and temporary sites, like retail kiosks and portable construction offices, are increasingly common—driving traditional enterprise WANs to their breaking point. Cradlepoint NetCloud Branch Solutions with Gigabit-Class LTE connectivity provide bandwidth, flexibility, and reliability businesses need to address these changes and create an easier to manage, lower cost and more agile branch.

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Cradlepoint’s Elastic EdgeSM vision provides a blueprint for next-generation Edge Networks that deliver pervasive broadband connectivity, cloud-like agility, and software extensibility—all while ensuring enterprise-class visibility, security, and control. All-in-one NetCloud Solution Packages for Branch Networks, based on Advanced Edge Routers (AER), are cloud-managed, and deployable anywhere in days, not months.



Cradlepoint All-in-One Design

All-in-One Design

Purpose-built for small and medium branches, the AER Series replaces multiple “boxes” with a compact, cost-effective all-in-one branch solution. Each model supports multiple WAN connections, up to two Gigabit-Class LTE dual-SIM modems, a multi-port Ethernet switch (some with PoE support), and 802.11ac WiFi with guest portal. Each solution is powered by NetCloud software that provides advanced routing, SD-WAN, failover, and security functionality. Everything is configured, deployed, and managed in the cloud from a single pane of glass with NetCloud Manager.



Software-Defined Branch Networking

Cradlepoint's SD-WAN functionality is built into NetCloud OS and is optimized for primary and hybrid LTE connections. It combines application-based visibility, security, and control with dynamic, policy-based traffic steering and failover—and a zero-touch deployment capability for Day-1 Internet. Add one or more Cradlepoint AP22 WiFi Access Points and take advantage of integrated IoT Edge Computing and security features to create a complete software-defined branch solution that is flexible, extensible, and centrally managed.




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Manage Everything From Anywhere

NetCloud Manager makes it easy to configure, deploy, and manage a distributed branch network from anywhere, allowing IT organizations to do more with less resources. Advanced analytics provide comprehensive visibility into branch applications, WAN, cellular, and LAN activity and utilization while in-band and Out-of-Band Management features enable remote troubleshooting across each site—increasing uptime and eliminating truck rolls.



Cradlepoint 5G diagram


Gigabit-Class LTE with Pathway to 5G

Cradlepoint is leading the wireless WAN revolution with Gigabit-Class LTE network solutions capable of download speeds faster than wired broadband —and that’s just the beginning. With 5G right around the corner, Cradlepoint is at the forefront of delivering the all-wireless, software-defined branch—with the performance necessary for today's business applications, and tomorrow’s. Whether moving to an all wireless solution or adding Gigabit-Class connectivity as an alternate WAN link, Cradlepoint Branch solutions delivers unprecedented speed and agility now, while providing a pathway to 5G in the future.




Unified Edge Security

With so much of today’s network traffic destined for cloud applications, video sites, and other Internet destinations, backhauling traffic to the data center is too slow and expensive. NetCloud OS has integrated Unified Threat Management (UTM) features that enable direct Internet access from the branch without compromising security. UTM features include app-based control, multi-zone firewall, IPS/IDS, web content filtering, and Zscaler Internet Security, as well as OpenDNS and SIEM integrations.




Cradlepoint NetCloud functionality for Branch


Comprehensive IoT Support

To accommodate the security, computing, and management requirements for branch IoT devices at the WAN edge, Cradlepoint’s branch solutions provide comprehensive IoT support. The NetCloud platform allows organizations to run Edge Computing applications right on the router. The NetCloud Perimeter feature uses Software-Defined Perimeter technology to instantly spin up secure and segmented device-to-cloud overlay networks, cloaking them from the Internet and protecting trusted networks. Everything is configured, deployed, and managed using NetCloud Manager.


Dual-Ended Cradlepoint Network for Easy VPN Setup

Organizations that want to move to a simple, centrally managed WAN can take advantage of Cradlepoint Auto VPN and Cradlepoint headend solutions. Using Auto VPN makes setting up secure connections to the datacenter or cloud very simple and those tunnels and headend routers can be managed with the same NetCloud Manager solution as the branch networks.




NetCloud Packages for Branch Networks:

NetCloud Packages bring together Cradlepoint’s award-winning software plus hardware and support — specifically tailored to deliver networking best practices and the compelling value of secure networking for the modern branch.

NetCloud Service Subscription

  • Network Management
  • Continuous software delivery
  • Extensible through SDK
  • 24x7 comprehensive support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • On-demand training

Cradlepoint NetCloud


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