Enterprise Branch Routers: AER Routers

Connect confidently at the network’s edge with Cradlepoint AER, the cloud-managed Advanced Edge Router™ that supports both wired (Broadband/MPLS) and 4G LTE wireless.

AER1600 Series



Advanced Edge Routing for branch primary and application-specific networking.



AER2100 Series



Advanced Edge Routing for primary, temporary, and pop-up networking.



AER3100 Series



Advanced Edge Routing for all-in-one branch networking.



Product Comparison

  AER1600 Series AER2100 Series AER3100 Series
MSRP AER1600 - $799.99-$899.99 (WiFi)
AER1650 - $699.99-$799.99 (non-WiFi)
AER2100 - $1099.99 (WiFi) AER3100 - $1,649.99 (WiFi)
AER3150 - $1,499.99 (non-WiFi)
Supports LTE-A Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Management Yes Yes Yes
NetCloud Engine Yes Yes Yes
Zone-Based Firewall Yes Yes Yes
Zscaler Internet Security Support Yes Yes Yes
CP Secure Threat Management Support Yes Yes Yes
Ports (LAN/WAN) 4 / 1 (Switchable) 4 / 1 (Switchable) 12 / 1 (Switchable)
WiFi (Dual-band, dual concurrent a/b/g/n/ac) No external Antennas
2x2 MIMO
External antennas
3x3 MIMO
External antennas
3x3 MIMO
Dual Modem Support 1 embedded, 1 integrated* 2 integrated 2 integrated
WiFi as WAN Yes Yes Yes
Rack Mount No Optional Kit Yes
Housing Industrial Plastic Metal Metal
Processor 800MHz dual-core processor 800MHz dual-core processor 1.2GHz dual-core processor
Memory 256MB DDR3 256MB DDR3 1GB DDR3
Power-over-Ethernet No No Yes (4 ports .af OR 2 port high power.at)


*LP6-M versions of the AER1600/AER1650 come with a single LTE-A capable modem. Dual modem operation is not supported.